Edit a surface corner within and to a curve

I am looking for a way to remove a one control point/knot from a surface to aid in editing surface to conform to curves.
I am initially getting better surfaces if I have 4 corners. But would like to remove one of the corner points (Knot?) once I have my surface.

Here is an example. I would like to remove the sharp corner in an effort to aid fitting surface to curve. WorkN.3dm (340.7 KB)
Any advice is appreciated- Thanks Mike

Hi MIke - is the goal to eventually lose the hook back part of the surface and end it at the curve?

At any rate, you can’t make your surface much simpler than it is - surfaces are always inherently four-sided - you don’t get to change that, though it may be disguised sometimes.


OK Thanks that is what I was wondering. Thanks very much

Something like this, maybe?
WorkN_PG.3dm (80.2 KB)

I notice the neck and the two ends is a single surface but the edge, which presumably should be straight, is not at all… I’d be inclined to make the ends, where I fiddled and the opposite end where it gets curvy again, as separate surfaces and make the neck dead straight if that is how it is meant to be.


Will do thanks. It was originally like that, I was hoping to get a better surface this way, but “no free lunches”. Thanks again