Alternative to Cage Editing?


Does anyone know of an alternative to cage editing? I have a form that was created in max and I’m trying to replicate it in rhino but the edges no longer line up once I’m done with the cage edit (settings: bounding box / cplane / region to edit = local / falloff distance = 5000mm). Tried ‘match surface’ but still left with two naked edges when trying to make it watertight. Perhaps there’s another way of doing this that I don’t know about?

Images and file attached - (file kinda big because of the max mesh import…)


Max conversion.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi Bob- Joining the surfaces before deforming should help keep the edges together.


Thanks Pascal - Tried joining surfaces, but there seems to be no way to select ‘sub surfaces’ for cage editing. I need to be able to just edit those surfaces that have been split to achieve the ‘slit’ in the form. Any other suggestions?


Hi Bob- I am not sure I am with you 100% yet but from the look of the mesh part, assuming that is the goal, I think I’d make a new elliptical section surface, not mess with the one that is there.


Do you mean the imported max mesh? I did create a new polysurface from scratch if that’s the case. Don’t know if this screenshot makes any more sense.

OK - I am not sure how close you want to get to the mesh, but the shape of the mesh just above the cut is not squared off so much, so I suggested maybe it’s better to build a new surface instead of modifying the existing.


Oh right; no, not looking to get to an identical shape. Just bought rhino (read ‘noob’) and I’m trying to figure out how I would achieve a similar shape in rhino (using a similar process) than the one I created in max.

The only way I can think of getting the ‘cut’ in the polysurface is to split it (or wirecut) and then cage edit. Just seems like the falloff effect of moving control points is far less localised than in max, and so I’m getting misaligned edges at the top and side of my split surface (which in my mind, shouldn’t be affected as they fall outside of my specified falloff range). Will keep trying though.