No thumbnails in materials folder. Brazil

Perhaps Brian can help me out here. Not sure why but when I used to open my materials folders there were thumbnails that showed what the material looked like.

Here is an image of what I used to see in my folders for any and all materials.

I think something is missing. Using Rhino 5 at this time.


Which materials folder do you mean? Is it a Windows file explorer? You may just need to change the view properties to thumbnails if so.

Brian, I have a Brazil 2.0 folder and also a folder in my Rhino 564 environments folder. When I click the drop down for icons it just shows the name of the file with a blank image.
Tried to associate to Rhino and now have things really screwed up.
Going to find how to disassociate on line now.

All my best Danny

I’m not sure what the issue might be yet. Has this just started happening on the computer? You might try repairing the install of the Brazil plugin. Please send screenshots of the directory you are in to and I can try to help more.

Brian, Not sure this is what you asked for, these screen shots are of the Brazil folder and also the materials folder in my Rhino.

I will try repair on Brazil once I see if this problem is also in Rhino 4.

Thanks for your help … Danny

Just checked this problem in Rhino 4 same thing going on there. Will try repairing Brazil later and give an update.