No texture importing Google terrain

Hi there,
Using the Import Earth Elevation Data button, I am able to import both Google and Open Street Map terrain etc, but the image does not import for Google.
Is this a know issue or am I doing it wrong?

The option to import the image is ticked but greyed out for Google terrain, but not greyed out and selectable for Open Street Map.


Unfortunately since October 31st 2018 Google servers don’t provide access to its data in order to scan and import terrain from Google Earth. So you can import the terrain but not the image.

Kind regards.

Image is captured from the screen so it is not a technical problem. We implemented it and it worked quite well, but we had doubts about the copyright for these images. Google legal texts are quite ambiguous, however the general opinion was that we have not right to let users extract satelital images. So, in the release version we disable the image capture option when Google Maps is used to select the area to scan. It’s a pity because it was a nice feature.

A real shame. I presume there are no other satellite imagery services anywhere near as detailed and up to date.
Hopefully you find a workaround/permission to use the images again in future.