Failed to reach during google map elevation data importing

I’m not able to import the elevation data from google map. The message is not possibile to reach the web page

Hi Andrea,

Import data from google is not longer available. Try to import the terrain from OpenStreetMap.

same results from OpenStreetMap

It looks like a connection problem. This window is an Internet Explorer Browser embedded in the Lands dialog, so you should get the same result as if you navigate to Google Maps in Internet Explorer. Can you test if it works in a standard IE Window ?

From the IE browser there aren’t connection problem. It seems that the connection problem is inside of the lands interface

Ok, you use Rhino 5 and Windows 10, don’t you? Which IE version do you have? Do you use any proxy, VPN or similar?

Rhino 6, windows 10 pro 1809 ie 11 chrome vers. 73. no proxy or vpn.
Did you been able in importing data elevation?

Yes, it usually works. By the way, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap are just used to select the area to scan. Elevation Data is taken from another place. But without being able to show any of these websites Lands won’t be able to scan anything.

Maybe is some setting in IE, I must investigate. Also, Lands uses IE in “Edge compatibility mode”, to ensure modern webs will work, so Edge version could matter too. Anyway, the browser is running and it just fails to reach the websites, so a connection/DNS problem is most likely.