Google earth/Openstreetmap Image saving error

When I use Import Earth Elevation Data, I’m suddenly getting an erroneous material when I choose to apply an Image to my mesh via the Lands checkbox. It’s just a black square rather than the image from Openstreetmap. Any idea what’s happening here?

It could be an error saving the image file, or a problem capturing it.
Can you take a look into the images saved in the following folder?

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Lands\Earth Images

Are they black images?

Yes, they are black images.

Ok, I would like to reproduce it. Does it happens all the times? Or only sometimes? Any clue on how to reproduce it? (you have the window maximized, you use several monitors, you scan a large area…)

Hi, it seems I am only able to save an image from open street maps. Is there any chance to get the orthophoto from google maps as well?


Hi, yes just from open street map. For the moment there no chance to get the photo from google maps… we are working on that, trying to get a solution. Google does not allow us to use their images since last year.

Kind regards,

Ah, bloody google. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: