Best way to scale Google Earth import?

Hi - just got going on Lands and it’s great.

I’m trying to map approx 1km² and I’m wondering what the best way to scale the imported Google Earth is?

Does the import function have a specific sized ‘crop box’ it uses when grabbing from Google Earth?


It takes the full visible area in Google Earth and imports it at its real size, in document units.

But this function is no longer working, cause Google has prevented its servers from connect with old Google Earth versions, and the new ones does not support the API used by Lands.

An alternative function is coming soon.

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The Google earth is not getting the download in my device as it is still pending on the Play store. I have done many things to get it installed. I have clear all the memories along with cache files and also recover Gmail password after resetting it.

Google Earth and Lands are no longer compatibles, as I explain in my previous response, so, forget it. Hopefully, next week we are going to release a new Beta and you can try the alternative.

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Hi albert,

Any news on this?


Hello, yes. The Lands Beta VIII version is already published, and it provides a new way to scan and import terrains from the cloud. This video features it:

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