No simple sweep - command feedback / naming

dear mc neel
dear community to discuss
dear @pascal as we discussed:

since rhino 6 we miss a simple sweep option in _sweep1 and _sweep2
we should get a simple sweep if it is possible.
for complex surfaces or surfaces that will get modified after the initial sweep it is essential to get a simple sweep.

In my opinion it would be very helpful to have some kind of feedback, if simple sweep fails:
(A) my favourite would be an option in _sweep1 and _sweep2
simpleSweepFeedback = On/Off
(B) a separate command to focus on creating simple sweeps
_sweep1simple _sweep2simple
(C) an analysing-command _testForSimpleSweep

my main aim would be to get some easy visual / text feedback:
simpleSweep failed because of cross curve not touching rail at Knot, out of tolerance, cross curves structure vary …

and a second aspect:
maybe the naming “simple” (wich is quite complex to get) is not chosen well for non-technical users ?
“use same nurbs-structure as input curves” = rigid ? loose ? preserve structure, structure inheritance … (i am not a native speaker so maybe someone else has nicer suggestions).

attached some curves - a minimal set of 3 - that sometimes nearly not every time do simple sweep - in this case because of _Gcon G0 with 0.00099

simpleSweepChallenge.3dm (6.3 MB)

and some video with that file - that shows how unexpected a simple-sweep fails and takes quite some afford to fix… and for sure more work if there are 4 or 5 cross curves

in my mind, the dialog that does not update always is a bug - using Version 6 on mac os X 10.15.6 (19G2021)
(6.29.20239.15172, 2020-08-26)

looking forward to read other opinions.

kind regards -tom

Sorry, I meant I’m going to take a “wait and see” approach on this to see what reaction there is from other users.

Since many years i do an exercise, where my students have to model a Bottle.
The exercise is inspired by the “rhino level 2 training” Chapter 11 “make a detergent bottle” and Chapter 12 surface analysis.
Each year my students hate me because of those ugly, precise workflows that are necessary to get a simple sweep and are not supported by any tools. - But give really great surfaces.

todays example (CV was away 0.01 mm from the knot /edit point)

@carlosperez (as an example of a lost topic…)

and as a back-link… the issue is similar to this topic

would appreciate if this aspect is not getting lost. thanks. kind regards -tom

Simple sweeps should be available.

and easily accessible !

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