Cant simple sweep

can somebody take a look of this? I am trying to do simple sweep, but it wont let me choose simple sweep.

sweep 2( simple sweep).3dm (3.6 MB)

the profile curve endpoints need to be contacting the rail curve endpoints…
all of the curves in your file are out of alignment

you’ll also need to Rebuild the rail curves so they match.

fix all that then simple sweep option should appear.

Thanks for the quick help, Jeff~
So I made sure the endpoints contacted, and choose the rebuild,
unfortunately, it still doesnt work~
I wonder what else I have done wrong?

thanks again!

sweep 2( simple sweep).3dm (2.8 MB)

Hello - for a simple sweep, the conditions need to be pretty much perfect…

  1. The rails have to match in structure - yours have different numbers of control points and are non-uniform.

  2. The cross section curves must be placed on matching pairs of rail edit points. Yours is OK with the section curves at one end.

To make this work, use the -Rebuild command (dash in front). Select the upper rail as the curve to rebuild, and use the ‘SelectMasterCurve’ option - pick the lower rail (more complex by one point) as the curve to match. DeleteInput=Yes.

Now Sweep2 should allow a simple sweep but in this case, with the points arranged as they are, it is not a very nice surface.

I do not have access to a mac at the moment but I believe the above will work…


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how many commands have that “dash in front” hide option? I saw a few examples like -viewcapturetofile which allows the user to set more options than the simple command, is there a list of them or something like that?
that -Rebuild with that “SelectMasterCurve” is awesome!

Hi Diego - in V6, both of these commands have the goodies ‘up front’ and do not need the dash…


Thanks Pascal~ It works!