No Rhino script in options

There is no “rhino script” in options RH6, where did it go and how to put it back there?

Hello - try running a repair on the V6 installation in the Windows control panel-


Thnx for the prompt answer , i tried the repair, it said successful but nothing changed.

Hello - the next thing to try is to set your ‘Update frequency’ to ‘Service release candidate’ in Options > Updates and Statistics. Then click on Check Now - that should get you to the 6.30 service release candidate that as a fix in it that should help…

Any luck?


did not work either

Hum. Let’s do the obvious thing that I should have had you try initially - open Options >Plug-ins page and look for RhinoScript - is that there, and enabled?


thnx Pascal for your unflinching resolve.
i wish u the best.