No render output

I’ve lost whole day trying to render one scene. All I’ve got was this:

I have 8 to go and, again, I will have to ask Neon to do the job. I can’t believe this is still not fixed. F…

Hello - Does Rhino render a simple test file? The only way I can help is if you upload the file and materials - here or to, or save small, zip and upload at to my attention.


If this is for Raytraced, you might want to try Rhino Render Next through the test package manager: _TestPackageManager. Search for rhino-render-next, install it, restart Rhino. You can set it as the current renderer and use the _Render command. This is the old Cycles for Rhino in a new jacket.

You might want to do a test or two first with sample count set to something low, i.e. 5. If it works you can bump the setting.

Note that the renderer sufferd from a slowdown that I haven’t had time yet to figure out, as my time currently goes to getting Rhino 6 working on the Mac.

I have managed to run successfully 4 renders in a row, but it required changing the settings.
Previously, I tried to render 3500x2500px (failed twice) and 3000x2000 (failed twice) on a screen resolution set to optimum (windows recommended ca. 2800px).
After upscaling screen to ca. 3500px and rendering the viewport size render everything went well.
I guess, it has nothing to do with scene, materials or lights but Rhino struggles to render images larger than viewport.
To make it even more confusing: last week I have made ca. 30 renders (3000x2000 px) in a row with success ratio ca. 90%, same model, (windows recommended screen res.)
I have also noticed, that Rhino struggles to deliver when other applications are running in the background, this is when, usually, image comes grey.
PS I’m running bootcamp on a MacBookPro. Model has been sent to tech for testing.

I still need to do some more tests, as I am no longer running by default on the Intel HD 630. But I have a feeling that these problems are driver related. With Bootcamp in the mix there is an extra factor that can act as a point of failure.

Hi Piotr - thanks, got it. For what it’s worth, it does render OK here so far in both Cylces/Raytraced and RhinoRender.


Hi Pascal
It renders for me too as long as I keep the output equal or lower than screen resolution. Have you tried to render high-res?

Hi Piotr - I did render at higher than screen resolution, yes.


Please my rhino 6 has not been rendering for the past days now. It’s been display blocking rendering plugins any time I put It on. What can I do?

It’s better to not reply to 3-year-old threads.

You need to provide some information to help us figure out what’s going on. Rendering with what? What do you mean exactly by “not rendering?” Is your system and video drivers up-to-date? etc…gotta give us something to work with!