No receiving license key and being overcharged despite already purchasing

I purchased Rhino through the official website and got an order number, yet I still have not received a single proof of confirmation via email or the license key that I paid for. I provided enough proofs of student confirmation and got proper discounted price. I have paid for 4 days and sent an email to but no response. I use AUD as money currency so that $195USD ~ $290AUD but I got charged for $333AUD. Please help if possible when I must use the software immediately.
The account that I used to pay for the license is

Appreciate your help

This has been the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, starting Thursday, November 24. I believe the McNeel sales office has been closed beginning Thursday and will reopen Monday, November 28 at 8 am Pacific Standard time. (I am not associated with McNeel.)

The exchange rates used by credit and debit card companies are always higher than the nominal exchange rate.

It’s likely your bank has a very bad rate.

All of the above are excellent reasons to go through a local reseller - who bills you in local currency and who can respond at least during working hours in your area and maybe even outside of them…

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