Finding my license key

Hi i am missing my license key but i do have my rhino serial number, my old email has changed so can i retrieve my license key?

If you can’t receive an email message through the old account, then you’ll need to call the McNeel Sales office in your region so they can manually update the address and retrieve your license key.

oh but i am based in singapore. is there a singapore number to call?

The Seattle office takes care of Asia Sales.
It’s 7:40pm on Wednesday evening here now.
Sales opens at 8am tomorrow.
Ph: +1 (206) 545-7000

thanks john, effectively i can drop an email too ya?

Not to me. I’m in tech support.
Sent a message to


I see you did send one. I’ve linked this thread to the email message and assigned it to Wendy in Sales.

yes i did, the responder sent me a email to verify my identity and i replied 2 minutes after and seems like theres no reply after.

That’s because we’re closed for the day.
As I mentioned, Seattle Sales will open at 8am in about 12 hours time.