Purchased Rhino Several Days Ago & Still No Confirmation or License Key

I recently purchased Rhino through the official website, and was even billed and charged by “ROBERT MCNEEL & ASSOCIATES”– yet I still have not received a single proof of confirmation via email or the license key that I paid for. I used my student email (to get the proper discounted price), but nothing was sent to either this or my personal. Has anyone had this happen to them & if so how did you solve it? Already sent an email to sales@mcneel.com to no response. Please help if possible, really need this sorted out as I need to use the software immediately.

Thank you in advance

There are no orders in the system associated with your gmail address.
PM me your EDU address and I’ll have a look.

I found it.
You entered your own email address incorrectly!

Call Seattle Sales at 206 545-7000 to fix it.

Excellent. All sorted. Terrible mistake on my behalf. Thank you to you and your team for being so helpful and quickly available! Hope you have a nice rest of your day


Cheers. You too.