Impossible to switch currency to USD to purchase Rhino

So this is seriously bugging me out, so let me know if I’m missing something here.
On the McNeel website, there seems to be no way for someone outside the US to buy a Rhino license online in USD!
My new business is registered in the States now, so naturally, I need to pay now in USD, not whatever currency my current location shows! Maybe it’s because previously I bought my Rhino 7 license with a different currency 2 years ago (as it did not matter at that time)? Anyways, now I’m only able to purchase the Rhino upgrade in USD!
Even if I switch the language and region to “North America” and “English,” the website keeps flipping back to my local currency!
Why even have a region setting if the site just changes it back to my current location automatically???
This means I’d get hit with those expensive currency conversion fees from my bank just because I’m not touching the US soil – not cool!
Am I just having a website meltdown, or is this something that needs fixing? Any advice on how to snag a USD license online while in a foreign soil would be a lifesaver!
Thanks in advance!

Contact McNeel sales directly -, or call the US office directly at +1 (206) 545-7000

Hi, thanks for the quick reply!
Just to confirm, calling your US office would result in additional phone charges for me. Unfortunately, I can’t make free calls to the States from my current location; a recent 7-minute call to the US cost me $10! This means purchasing Rhino would likely incur additional phone charges due to the call.
Additionally, what about purchasing your product outside of business hours? My time zone differs.
If I understand correctly, there is no way to purchase in USD connecting from abroad?
Ideally, the website should allow international customers to purchase in their preferred currency (especially in USD as McNeel is a US-based company…) to avoid these extra fees.
With the growing number of digital nomads like myself, McNeel might consider adapting to this evolving customer base…

No. That way anyone anywhere could purchase in USD at US prices. As there are various price differentials for Rhino licenses in place in different regions around the world, this doesn’t work.

An e-mail to is free of charge. If you have a US bank or someone in the US who represents you, I’m sure you can arrange a bank payment from there.

Even if this is the way it works and won’t change I think it would be more customer-centric and polite if the website would reply with an explanation of what’s going on instead of silently changing it back. (at least that’s the behavior I infer from Paul_SD’s description)

I agree.