90 days free trial

I downloaded the 90-day free version of Rhino, when I go to access I log in with the email, then enter the license key, but a message appears to buy the license with a discount for students and teachers.

Thank you very much

That’s because this is not your first free evaluation license.

Everyone is welcome to get one free 90-day license and yours has run it’s course.

The initial V7 evaluation license used on that computer expired on March 24th 2021.

The additional 15 free licenses you requested have all been disabled.
Of those, it appears you used 3 of them before we closed the loophole.

It seems you have determined Rhino is a useful tool for you to own…

I invite you to purchase a permanent license at:
Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros

If you’re a student or faculty, then use the Students and Faculty tab for reduced pricing and proof of EDU status requirements.

EDU licenses are permanent, have no maintenance fees, and can be used for commercial work when you leave school. EDU licenses are 80% off compared to a Commercial license.
If you do not buy a license now and need one after you are no longer a student, it will cost $1,000.

Be well


Is this still the case? I just used an email Ive never used before and I am still presented with this message


Yes, it’s one evaluation PER COMPUTER, not per email, it’s smarter than that.

Actually its one trial per person, not just one trial per computer.

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Well yes that’s the idea, but the way it actually works is more or less…

The policy is one free 90-day evaluation license per person, per Rhino version.
Expired license can be “Locked” to a single computer and Rhino will run indefinitely, having lost the ability to Save/Export and load plug-ins.

The tools we have had since last October do a good job of keeping users honest, and following the policy. It’s not intended to be punitive. The tools are imperfect, but work quite well. The policy is intended to be generous and fair, to give new users enough time to determine if Rhino is a good, productive tool for their needs.

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You gotta respect a company that’s willing to give out a 90 day license. 30 days isn’t enough to really work out the kinks. We’re all doing our day jobs at the same time after all.

One question: Does each version of Rhino allow a separate 90 day trial? Say, if someone did their trial with Rhino 7 would they also get one with Rhino 8? To be honest I may have done this myself (trialed Rhino 6, didn’t have enough time to really use it, trialed Rhino 7 and finally bought that version). Hopefully I’m not incriminating myself :wink: . But this is probably how it works anyways as the alternative would block potential customers from testing out new features and improvements.

I though I covered that specifically in my earlier post.