No feedback on EditPtOn or PointsOn fails

I have an object selected. When I select the Control Points On command the object just deselects. I’d like the reason for this displayed so I can stop it from happening…Why didn’t Rhino turn on the objects Ctrl Points. Is there a setting on the object, in the scene, etc that caused this?

System feedback on why an expected action did not occur (I was able to select the object, and pick Control Points On) would be user-friendly.


Is the object a polysurface? You can’t turn on control points for a polysurface. You should however get a message “Cannot turn on points for polysurfaces.” On Mac, this message is microscopic in the lower left hand corner, you might miss it.

It’s the result of an extruded curve. I looked across the bottom of Rhino as I picked the Ctrl On command and didn’t see any messages.

If you have UseExtrusions set to Extrusions, the control points for the extrusion should turn on.

However, if UseExtrusions is set to Polysurfaces, they will not, as extruding the curve will produce a polysurface. Check the object type in Properties.

Object Type doesn’t say either of those. Says “closed extrusion” - K

it should say closed polysurface, also you can’t use control points on polysurfaces, only in separated surfaces, what you can do with extrusions or polysurfaces is edit the solid points or vertices.

Well points should turn on for extrusions. You will only see two of them though, they indicate the extrusion axis.

I found the extrusion axis points. They initially confused me.

I’d really like the profile of an extrusion to still be editable. Having to go back to the curves to adjust things is a pain. In the same vein I’d want the curves for a loft, revolve to still be editable on a shape after the 3D command.

There is a lot to like about Rhino, but I feel that so much is bound to the mental model of the command that opportunities to make working faster and more fluid are lost.

If you have History on, they are… I don’t quite understand what the issue with editing the original curves vs. curves “on the shape” is… When you extrude, loft or revolve with history on and you keep the generating curves, when you edit the curves, the surface object updates.

The main issue with revolves is that you can’t edit the axis afterward.

I like how, in other 3D apps, such as Blender and Cinema4D that they have a stack of actions against an object and you can easily access and edit the object via its build history. Rhino’s “history” is not as useful or intuitive.

Rhino is not parametric and will not likely get a history “tree”.

It could be semi-parametric, much like Grasshopper allows it to be. Grasshopper has an order of operation and passes state changes from original geometry to the end. Building implied Grasshopper abilities would provide enough capabilities to greatly enhance the experience.