No equivalent for Sketchup's Sketchy Edges view style in Rhino..?

First let me say that I am in a very happy LTR with Rhino3D. There’s very little that makes me even consider using other 3D drawing packages. But one of these rare things is the ‘Sketchy Edges’ view style in Sketchup.


Does anyone know of a plugin that can be used to achieve this kind of style in Rhino.

Alternatively does anyone have experience/tips for exporting large Rhino models into Sketchup in order to use the ‘Sketchy Edges’ view style?



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ok I’ve found that exporting an .skp from Rhino and then opening in SketchUp to play with various sketchy view style options works pretty well

Hi @hughecchapman
Have you seen this thread?

Hi Daniel thanks this is interesting but what I’m asking about is the possibility of a Rhino display mode like the ‘Sketchy Edges’ view style in Sketchup - not the possibility of sketching as an approach to drawing in Rhino. Here’s an example of what the Sketchup ‘Sketchy Edges’ view style looks like -

I personally would love to see this in Rhino. Some of the live sketch FX you can get in SketchUp would be so useful during the concept design stage.

My process to achieve something half similar is make2D - Export to illustrator - apply variable width profile to the line work - layer a render underneath that has been tweaked in photoshop and play around with it all to try and get something that looks half good. 99% of the time I don’t have the time to do this, and you can never get the extended lines look.