Ngon to NURBS

I’ve been using the addngonstomesh command, and generally it’s been working great. However, when I take a ngonulated mesh and convert it to Nurbs, all the triangles come back. Is there any way that they could be converted to trimmed planes instead. It would create a much cleaner model for a lot of the work I have to do.


Hi Jacob - for single planar ngons, I guess DupBorder then PlanarSrf would do it. You could also MergeAllFaces on the ones you’re getting now, but that can take a while if there are lots of faces.


Thanks @pascal. The time it would be most useful is when I receive a model from a consultant that used another software like sketchup. These are often very large site models that could have hundreds or more closed meshes in them. At that scale it’s not really feasible to do each face individually.


Hi Jacob - Does MergeAllFaces work well enough to get what you need?