Trim Triangle Faces doing nothing

Convert to nurbs command mesh options do not work 6.18

Can you provide a small example?

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Create box- convert to mesh and you get triangulated box - then press n-gonize and you get clean mesh box without triangulation - then convert to nurbs with both trim trianngle faces on/off - you will get triangulated nurbs box in both cases:(
That makes inposible to convert complex mesh to nurbs efficiently.
It works before!

Hi - it looks like you could use QuadrangulateMesh instead of adding Ngons. As far as I understand, Ngons are just triangular meshes with hidden edges.

In which version did this work differently?

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I could be wrong, but I kind of always used the n-gone command for combining coplanar tris and then converted it to nurbs. I dont remember, maybe 6.15 or so…
But mesh options in To nurbs command, what they are for then?
P.s. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi - if you set the option to Yes, the NURBS surfaces will be rectangular but trimmed. If you set it to No, one of the sides of the NURBS surfaces will be collapsed into a point.

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There’s only one option as far as I know: TrimTriangularFaces=Yes/No

From this page:

Mesh Triangles. Triangles are by definition planar. MeshToNurb will convert mesh triangles into either trimmed planar NURBS surfaces, or untrimmed planar NURBS surfaces with a singularity (one edge collapsed to a point), depending on whether you have set the command line option TrimTriangularFaces to Yes or No . That option is only available if you do not preselect the meshes before starting the command. The trimmed NURBS surface will be a degree 1 x 1 surface as with the quads, just with one half trimmed off to form a triangle.

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Ok, Thank you! looks like I made a mistake, I’m sorry.)
I used reduce mesh most likely…

No problem!

FWIW, I went back to 6.7 to make sure and that version behaves the same way as the current version does.