Mergeallfaces for meshes

is there a way to do the same thing for meshes like for polysurfaces? thanks. i have got huge mesh which takes too long to convert to nurb then merge …

ReduceMesh ?

thanks i will

unfortunately it doesnt work
original mesh

this is the result. it doesnt merge coplanar faces

this is when i add ngons (somewhat good)

this is after converttonurbs and mergeallfaces

Sorry - that was poor advice from me. Can you upload a file?

ConvertToNURB isn’t going to help here I don’t think. It would be simpler to do a straight remodel.

On your example after converttonurbs and mergeallfaces, you can try MergeSurface.

meshmergeplanarfaces.3dm (3.9 MB)

this is pure output from bentley microstation. the whole curved retaining structure should be exported that cca 7m long segments are coplanar (sweep curve was polyline).

i have to find an efficient way how to turn these meshes into cleaner things. i noticed the angle change is very little from segment to segment and there might be some issues with tolerancies