Convert planar-faced NURBs polysurface to un-triangulated mesh?

Is there an easy workflow or some components I should look at if I want to convert a nurbs polyhedron to a mesh, preserving the faces without triangulation?

For example, a geodesic sphere with hex and pentagon faces.

Or is there a way to do this with any polysurface with all linear edges, regardless of planarity of faces?

I thing this could be a useful workflow for subD too.

I’ve been playing with multi-pipe blends in subD and using polyhedra as a basis for the junction has yielded great, easy results. But converting a dodecahedron to subD or mesh, without triangulation, manually, is a pain.

Hi @Max3,

_ToSubD respects nGons present in the input mesh, so if you mesh your brep and run _AddNgonsToMesh before converting to subd it should work for all planar faces no matter the vertex count (hex, penta)

Just tested, it also works with non-planar nGons

SubDNonPlanarNgons.3dm (145.2 KB)

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Thanks. I just tried it in Rhino and it worked great.

Is there a grasshopper component that is the equivalent to _AddNgonsToMesh?

For planar nGons you can use this one-liner: (5.1 KB)

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This should be a standard component. (please? @DavidRutten)