Convert mesh with multiple triangles to a single planar surface


I imported a 3d building model online in DWG and opened it on Rhino. The volumes are in mesh with multiple triangle. How do I convert it to volumes made up of single planar surface on each surfaces. Images attached are the mesh volumes and the planar surface volumes I would like it to become.

I have tried reduce mesh, meshtonurbs etc, but there are still multiple unnecessary triangles.

Hi @j.woo,

Do you want your geometry to stay as mesh? If so for the visuals you can use _AddNgonsToMesh Command, it will visually merge all co-planar mesh faces.

If you want to convert to NURBS you can run _MeshToNURB Command and after that _MergeAllFaces command on the resulting polysurface.

Thank you! It worked!

Thanks, new to me.
…probably because it’s not called something self-explanatory like MergeCoplanar or summat…:thinking:

Its only visual, as meshes inside of rhino conceptually can only be made up of triangles and quads, if you sub-object select an ngon face you will see the underlying faces again.

So its not really merging those co-planar faces.

Ah, yup. And if you export as STL they also come back…

Stl can only store triangles anyway :frowning: