Ngon CurveMesh

Hello everyone, in special to @Petras1. I’m working on a vault and trying out quad curve mesh supports, but Ngon’s CurveMesh component doesn’t seem to let me change the opening angle of the ends and it’s not connected to the component’s circle. Is there any solution within Ngon or Kangaroo2 for this problem?

Likewise, if anyone knows of an example within the forum that attacks the same issue and can help me, I would greatly appreciate it, excellent week. (30.1 KB)

The angle is dependent on circles radius.

In your case you input one circle, but the component supports list of circles. In that case you can control each individual corner.

If that does not satisfy, you can simply draw a list of surfaces in rhino and then subdivide using another method from ngon for solving a seam, just use quad subdivision. What is important is a surface subdivision in equal lengths, because you might have patches that must be subdivided using different U and V values. You also will notice that you need to subdivide surfaces using different U and V divisions that the tutorial explains how to:

For solving this problem, I made this tutorial:

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When relaxing a mesh in Kangaroo there’s no need to give the initial mesh the same boundary curves as you want in the relaxed version - you can make it more simply with straight edges and pull to a curved boundary during the relaxation, like this: (30.0 KB)

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