Mesh Curvature Analysis Problem

Hi all

I have created a typical hybrid mesh here with Kangaroo and trying to analysis the curvature on the resulting mesh.
I dowloaded the Mesh Curvature Plugin, and joined/welded the mesh before feeding into the compoent.

However, it turns out to have the error
“1. Solution exception:Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.”

Would anyone know what this means and how to get the Mesh Curvature component to work?

Thanks yo so much!
Mesh curve analysis (27.2 KB)

Parameter name: index

Mesh Curvature is now part of NGon plugin:

Can you upload mesh, because none of your geometry is internalized.


Hi Petras

Sorry silly me, here’s the internalized geometry, thank you so much for your help!

Mesh curve analysis (27.2 KB)

Mesh curve analysis problem (1).gh (47.7 KB)

Thank you Petras it looks great, could you kindly please internalize the orange parts in the definition, it seems to be missing something which I presume you have added for me.

I have also looked at your introduction to Ngons, wonderful work and saves us a lot of troubles, thanks for the genius work! Applause to you!


Mesh curve analysis problem (1).gh (66.7 KB)

Here is internalized version.

For form-finding of rods+membranes I suggest also to discuss the Kangaroo process with @AndersDeleuran , he did the full PhD on a similar subject and maybe he can share neat optimized setups of K2. And for sure @DanielPiker


Absolutely breathless, will do that and thank you for your contributions to the discourse. Its my honor to meet you Sir.

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Hi @rhinospaced - I saw your relaxation part appeared to be missing anything to maintain the length of what I’m assuming is intended as an elastic rod. Here’s a simple way to do it: (12.8 KB)
It’s also a good recommendation from Petras to look at Anders’ work. He’s made some very nice workflows for interactively drawing and modifying the topology of just this sort of structure combining membranes and bending rods.

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Dear Daniel

Thank you that’s a neat and elegant solution, and thank you for pointing out the Clean component, it helps to clear my misery of having duplicated edges for the mesh box.

Will surely look at Ander’s work too!

My respect to amazing people like you and Petras.