Panel triangular regular de malla

Hello, @DanielPiker and @Petras_Vestartas and everybody, I have been studying the Ngon plugin with Kangaroo 2 and Rhinovault 2 for two months.

The technical doubt is to know if there is a way to adjust the dimensions of a mesh from its edges, since by the Rhinovault method (geometric rigidity matrix) I do not know how to change the maximum length factor of the edges-length and without to increase the number of triangles, I have tried to get the change and tried to improve it with the Kangaroo2 (dynamic balance) or (particle spring) method, I have seen several threads in the forum and I have tried to adjust the scripts to mine but without success.

I would be very grateful if you know of any topic in the forum and can share it here or help me solve my doubt, I really appreciate it.

In the same way I would like to know if there is a way to improve the planalarize method of Ngon or Kangaroo,

Grettings and good week

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Do you want to equalize edge length on the target geometry made with rhinovault? Or input mesh?

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For planarization you would also need to change the mesh topology significantly.
Your current grid is diagonal to the surface curvature in many places, so there’s no way those panels can be flat without completely changing the geometry.
Making a planarizable quad mesh on a surface like that (which isn’t very smooth because of how it is anchored) would be difficult.

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I would like to know the alternative that is needed to be able to improve the subdivision of the mesh. When using Rhinovault as an initial workflow it is not so intuitive to modify the output mesh, since it must be changed from the horizontal and vertical balance diagram as well as modify the mechanical properties of the diagram, so it was my intention to be able to reconstruct a mesh from the one obtained by RV2.

But I appreciate the observation and time to both. I will see how to fix it.