Newbie Modeling Chess Piece (knight)

Hello guys…
I am a complete newbie to rhino. I am a mechanical engineer, extremely proficient in solidworks (and moderately proficient in UGS). I am designing (and eventually machining) a customer chess board/set. I began designing the board and pieces in solidworks, which worked excellently, but I have hit a wall on the knight. Solidworks surface tools are not adequate for this type of sculpting. I downloaded the rhino Mac osx beta, and did the water bottle tutorial. I get the gist of how rhino works now, and obviously I’m quite familiar with how to use layers, extrusion, revolution, loft, sweep, etc. from other cad systems. but that hasn’t been enough to build a horses face…
Does anybody know of a good tutorial for learning how to create organic shapes, such as animals? I just need to start understanding some good techniques, and I will start practicing.
Also, I do have some sketches of how I want my knight to look.

So far all we know is “horse” and “chess knight”. Perhaps if you were to post a sketch or two to show what kind of styling direction you’ve chosen you will get better, more directly usable help.

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Nice and fun project!
For a part like that I spend quite some time sketching before sitting in front of Rhino, or other CAD.
I draw curves as if they were a 3d wireframe. Doing so, I imagine where would the surfaces patches be and roughly what shape and curvature they’ll have.
Working this way, there’s a lot of pitfalls that are avoided such as trying to model a complex surface that would be easily done with a trimmed surface.