How to continue the knight piece modeling?

Hi my dear friends.
I’m in the final stage of my chess pieces. I don’t have any idea how to complete the knight. I tried to make curves but I don’t know how to make surfaces corresponds to the reference image. Can someone please guide me?
I attached both the Rhino file and reference image in a zip file.
Chess.rar (2.2 MB)

You might try something like this:
knightx.3dm (421.7 KB)


Thank you.
But what about if I want to have a bigger fillet for example by 4 or 5? In this case fillet fails. How can I manage big fillets to avoid failing? I tested manual trimming but it couldn’t clean the mess.

with a fillet in this case, you’re (basically) limited to a radius that’s the size of the smallest profile radius…such as these parts of the profile:

you’ll notice @jim enlarged those parts just to get the size of fillet he did. (or else the largest fillet that would work would be a lot smaller if he used your original curve).

it’s a math/geometry thing… not a rhino thing.

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So, what would be the remedy if I wanted to keep my curves without any change but have a larger fillet?
Do I need to use T-splines just because it’s impossible to do so without it?

The remedy for unusable curves is to make usable curves.

If you leave the external convex corners sharp then you have more options for filleting the surfaces because you can wrap smaller fillets around the larger ones.
Like this:
knightx2.3dm (462.7 KB)