Any up coming classes in Seattle?

Hey crew. New to Rhino, but have been a professional hand modeler and painter for years. I a few friends, all whom use Rhino for toy design. I have dabbled in Sketch-up but Rhino is so much more. I was curious if there are any classes for Mac version while the testing is going on? I know I could be a lot more use to the development stages if I knew what I was doing! Lol.
Thanks a lot for working on such an awesome program for us mac users.

Encline, I have been using RhinoOSX for 4 or 5 years, and have developed processes that work using a MacBook with just the track pad - no additional mouse. I go back and forth between Illustrator (though I am an old Freehand user, but that is another story) and do fairly complex drawings - but not deep 3D work yet. There are probably many artists and designers who would love to use RhinoOSX at the level at which I am competent. I am often on the road so having a simple system to do the work is very handy.

You can see the kinds of things I am designing and making at This site is just being put together and will be part of a Kickstarter project that I hope to initiate soon. I have been sending drawings for parts to be machined by various CNC shops, and am ready to have my own CNC machine.

I don’t think there are any Rhino classes specifically for Mac but I would be willing to meet and share what I have learned. I offered McNeel to help design classes, since I am a teacher and have quite a bit of experience with basics of Rhino, but they don’t seem to be interested in developing this aspect as yet.


Hey Walter,

That would be fantastic. Could you pm me your email so we could set up a time. I am in P.A. so it would be a trip for me to plan for. Thanks a lot.

Encline (is this your name?),

Write to me at or call at 360-301-4755. I assume P.A. is Port Angeles. See what I am up to with RhinoOSX at, which is just being set up.