NEWBIE... Learn Rhino books

Does anyone know of or recommend any books to learn Rhino. I struggle learning through video tutorials and much prefer a book in front of me.

Or does anyone know if the Level 1 online manual is available for download anywhere? to then print it out and have it in old school paper format?


training guides
all links

dont waste paper, dont print it - it is super helpful to have “active” links or copy text…

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Thanks a lot.

I just struggle to learn and read from screens…

why ?

(when i started to study product design, 20 years ago, the expensive X-mas presents where books about computer programs. I’ve thrown them into the paper-recycling a few years later, as they where outdated and i did not use them)

As I am teaching a lot - im really interested in this question, why do struggle with “screen learning” ?

My second “meta” question - how to learn “screen-learning” ?
To bring that down:
let s imagine there is a 800 pages book, “learning rhino, all you need to know”
what do you expect from the book ? more overview ?
what do you miss when you look on the pdf on the screen ?

Sorry for the slow reply!

Personally I find it much harder to read from screens and really take in information. I tend to zone out/get distracted more easily. Maybe it’s old school, but I also like to have a book as a reference, maybe with notes scribbled down the side, or post-it notes for key chapters. Maybe showing my age (45). When I was at uni, internet was in its infancy and we did everything by the book! I know you can do the same with an online pdf, but it is different for sure.

So with an 800 page book… Firstly I find its easier to scan a book. Maybe information that I already know, but scan it quickly to see if I am missing something. Secondly as above, maybe there is a particular chapter that is especially useful which I can put a post it note in and reference. Thirdly having a book rather than a screen is effectively like a 3rd monitor, and again I definitely find it easier to go between a book and a screen than 2 screens.

And what would I expect… Nothing different from the online stuff… Just literally printed on paper. Hence the original question, if anyone knows if the Level 1 tuturial is available as a complete download?

I hope that is useful to you. I am sure this is just a very personal thing, but I know my wife is the same. She is studying at Uni and the first thing she does is print out the PDF´s to study them on paper.

in rhino, go to help>learn rhino>tutorials and samples

open that, you will see the level 1 pdf listed at the top (lev 2 listed lower in the list) . You can then open and print it if you have enough ink and paper.

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Thanks That’s exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate your help.

hey but i still want the answer why you wanted a print-out !!!

My idea was to get that PDF printed and put into a binder… making it a reference book to learn from.

Is that what you meant?

I was referring to my post quoted above.
As I am teaching and coaching a lot, I am interested in the aspects you miss on a digital media - compared to paper / book. And of course the next question I will ask myself after your answer is, how to “embed” your need / wish on the digital side.

I answered above… plus more. Did that not answer your questions? Happy to help you if you are still missing something.

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i am sorry - i did not see this answer.

Does it answer your question out of interest?

Level 1

Level 2

It is still version 6 and i think not many changes compared to version 5.
My guess - but never compared - the online version is the latest.

sorry i thouhgt the pdf links where at this location as well.


oh did not know that there is a tutorial-panel … (shame on me)

type _tutorials in the commandline or follow kyle s instruction:

hopefully this is always the latest links…

I see the need for having a physical location, where stuff can be found and more overview is generated also by physical presents…
I have to think about this, at which point of my lectures do my students get this overview. (some of them also ask for books ;-D but much junger generation )
I will think about it at the weekend. kind regards -tom

As I said my wife is printing all her university PDF´s. A local company prints and binds them relatively cheaply and like that she has a physical book to highlight key points, make notes and probably most importantly not have to stare at a screen for hours on end. Obviously learning a computer program means staring at a screen for hours, but having a physical copy of information, does mean you can give the eyes a break (older generation!)