Rhinoceros Basics

Hi there,

Trying to learn basics on Rhino.

Getting bogged down the the training manual from 1-50 pages.

Need Help ASAP.

A few college level lessons, so make sure these are viewed in sweatpants and a beer bong within proximity:


Have you tried the User’s Guide? http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/UsersGuide

If you like watching video, then check out the Lynda course on Rhino 5. It has been online since November 2013 and has been watched by over 8,000 people in 93 countries with very good reviews.

You do need to be a member to watch the entire course, but 10% of the videos are free to watch so you can get a good idea first. If you want to join, here’s a link for 7 days free. Please feel free to email me questions or comments. I did the course. Good luck!

By the way, my take on the manual is that its a very good dictionary. I like cookbooks that help me make stuff.