Audi A8 tutorial

Has anyone looked into this?

Any opinions?

I have a copy and looked at it briefly. My opinion is it is not a tutorial for learning Rhino or for learning general design strategies. Rather shows the steps one user used in creating a good quality Rhino model of a car starting with some pictures.

Thanks David,

I looked at the free sample PDF and I liked the layout of it. It seems it may serve as source of tips about tools one may not consider at first.

I’m trying to decide where to best spend my money on instruction.

We have this tutorial in our university bibliothek. I think it is a really good reference for all kind of Rhino modeling. But Mac users must be careful because not all of the commands are implemented yet (But I testet about 2 years ago… there are much more commands now) :slight_smile:.
Our 3D teacher tells us in this tutorial you learn nearly all kind of modeling methods in Rhino. The Important thing in the tutorial is not the car - the important things are the methods.

I too have this tutorial, in book form rather than PDF. I haven’t actually looked at it for a while as my first impressions were similar to David’s, but several people have recommended it as Hugolll’s tutor has. The book isn’t easy to work with, its small format and rather dense, perhaps an on screen PDF would be easier. I shall take another look at it, perhaps it will be worth the effort.