New workstation help rhino + keyshot

Hi everybody .
As the title says I need a new pc for my home studio .

I’m a jewelry designer and the workstation will be used for a variety of software but mostly Rhino , Keyshot and Photoshop .

I’m busy with static images but I’d like to add a decent animation service .

Online I’ve found 1000s of discussions about the same theme but , since i’m not very keen with IT, I would like to have few suggestions from anybody who is somehow expert before to spend some money on it.

I’d like to have the workstation built from parts .

At work i’m Using a dual Xeon hp 840 which is very good but also very expensive . Let’s say my budget is on the range of the 2000 / 2500 euros.

Anybody would like to help me with this a component list ?

Many thanks in advance