Ask for advice : machine

Hello everybody.
I am looking for machine for the 3d (Rhinoceros / Maxwell) + adobe (photoshop, Illustrator).

I have a limited budget: 1200 € max.
I would like to have your opinion on this config:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I think 16GB would be a better choice. If you could put together an affordable storage combo that includes a 256 or 512 GB SSD you’d probably really like it.

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:
In principle I can climb up to 32GB.

  • And I intend to add 8 GB more (to arrive 16), and 1 SSD 250 GB.

Do you think that with this machine, I can start working properly?

I think so, but I’m also aware that there are users on this forum who have models that would bring such a machine to it’s knees. Usually very complex architectural projects. So it ultimately depends on what you intend to do. Your proposed machine should handle a fairly large range of typical Rhino projects.

BTW: you probably should get the fastest and most recent i7 version you can afford.

I will not work on architectural projects. It will be rather the design of products (lighting, hi-fi, furniture) …

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