Recommendation: reasonable CAD workstation

hello all,
i want to buy a CAD workstation tower for approx. €2500.- to €3500.- (without display). i have been a happy dell client for many years, but had some very bad experiences with their customer support lately. so i am looking for alternatives. can anybody give recommendations and elaborate a little bit on personal preferences, technical details, etc.

besides rhino / grasshopper as my daily workhorse, i use 3dsmax, adobe CS6 and many other smaller progs.

thanks in advance

Hi Roberto,

I use Keyshot a lot so I went for more cores with the CPU with a H100i heat sink and GTX 970 graphics card.
500GB SDD for the C drive and a 1TB Western Digital Red drive for storage (1TB Lacie Rugged as back up for now)

I can’t remember what case I have but it’s Corsair and quiet… If I’m rendering I can set the system:

It’s a very stable system on Windows 7 and 10 and is barely taxed until I render. All the info should be in the screenshots.


P.S. it was clocked and ran a lot faster, I got a virus before I installed Norton a couple of years ago and I had to mess around with things and ended up setting everything to standard. I figured it would last longer rather than running everything red hot.

Off the top of my head I think it was just under £2,500 about two years ago via

I can’t make any suggestions of which workstation to buy but I too have been very disappointed with Dell’s customer service recently. On more than one occasion their online support has given me incorrect product information and they’ve been totally uninterested in trying to solve issues with a system (still in warranty).

As a long time customer, it’s very disappointing as their workstations are generally rock solid. I’d like to find an alternative too.

so you put the system together on your own, correctly?

exactly my experiences …

No, I chose the components and had it built by Scan. The link is at the bottom of my last message. It’s my business computer so wanted to have some kind of safeguard and warranty.

Even if you’re not in the UK you could use their configurator and work out what you need and then find someone local to you.

sorry, did not see the link, and thanks for the additional info !