Feet Modelling with SubD & Rhino Wip

SubD Rhino WiP


you can review some lowpoly models to improve the topology a little. it will also help to define more details


Nice model! Did you use a scan or photo’s as a reference? We agree on the topology strategy see my model of a hand. Funny,I just decided that this weekend I would model a subD foot, to replace my Nurbs foot model.

I did not use scan, just looked at my foot, because I was barefoot!
Then if I insert some blue-prints.
And what’s more, I did it quickly, without asking for more,
but I was happy with the result.

I did the same for my hand model, I was also bare-hand😁
Question: do you sell models on SketchFab and is that working good for you?
Sometimes I think about opening a web shop on SketchFab to sell shoe-last scans. (See PodoTools on SketchFab) What do you think of the SketchFab workshop?

I have seen some very good things back there,- (like when someone uploaded Vincent Van Gogh’s 3D room there)
but not what followed next. It’s interesting, but it hasn’t given me the time to keep following and stay on top.
I think if you model, of course, that it can be good, also Shapediver, I think it is something similar, but specific parameters.
It is also necessary, if it is your metier.
(I do not believe so much for me, for now).


'Podo ’
Maybe you are interested in these models of mine ?–here attachement–…But there are for " Chocolate "fields !!!
—various Dimensions,Colors,Materials and Likes !----

( Your works are ok, I see now there in Sketchfab)