New update - broken navigation

viewports are locked. new update obligated me to update graphics drivers >_<

How do I run a repair on this install?

fresh download failed to solve problem

Looks like the accelerated hardware function is conflicting. Searching for nvidia software repair now…

Okay. Looks like problem was new Rhinov5 update forced nvidia driver update, and ultimately nvidia and rhino were fighting over who should decide what to do with graphics. So I told nvidia ta stfu and let rhino do it. Now everything appears to be working. Thanks guys.


Nice thread…


Do you mean that Rhino installer actually initiated and managed an automatic nVidia driver update, or that it somehow “forced” you into manually initiating and managing it?

Right. I forgot about the thread that you started.

The underlying mistery, I surmise, was the latest RhinoV5 update indeed initiated and possibly succeeded in managing the nvidia update, while allowing the nvidia update to take control over the graphics settings in such a manner that RhinoV5 did not jive.

I suppose, nvidia doesn’t “allow applications to decide” by default.