New UI: Rearrange panels so they can be used horizontally

For the new UI, could some of the toolbars for Named Views/ Cplanes/ Selections be made to work horizontally? I have spare space alongside the toolbar that I would like to use for these panels, but they have a lot of header space that makes them impossible to use this way.

Hi -

Could you make a suggestion?

I’d put the command line alongside of that.

In this case, the tab name and the buttons for the these tabs are at the top, all hierarchically laid-out. As a result, I can’t see the Cplanes/ Views/ Selections that I may want to retrieve. So what I am thinking is that these buttons should be moved in a column when using a horizontal layout.

Then there’s the reduced size option, where the buttons are shoved into a fly-out. This maximises the screenspace where the panels act as a button to quickly retrieve a view, selection or cplane. Any operations (using the small buttons) are less important then. There’s also a magnifying glass icon to search/ filter so you can make optimal use of the thumbnails below. And that in turn reduces the need to scroll.

As for the name of the panel, I would abbreviate it to Cplane, View or Selection and if the text is too long, “Selection” should become “Sel.” Two rows of text would take too much space and would look weird.

Vertical text isn’t as bad as it may seem, because horizontal space is what matters for these kinds of layouts. That way you can place all of these panels side by side if needed. Also, Blender’s N-panel uses vertical text and I really don’t mind it, it works quite well actually.

Yeah, I’m looking at what options I have and which ones I like best.

As for Named views there could also be a gear icon on the top right, which could have a flyout to set these various modes, incl. thumbnail sizes.

I’m done playing around and settled on this layout. I quite like it, much better than V7 for me.
The final request I have is that the horizontal toolbars should also be able to occupy both the top toolbars and command line areas. That would enable me to make optimal use of screenspace.

Currently, these areas would be split in two if I want to dock a new panel. I’d like the option to dock a new panel over both.

Hello- this is a reasonable wish but is not likely to make V8, as I understand from the developer.


That’s a shame, because I’m seeing a thing which prevents me from using icons with radio buttons horizontally at the bottom of the window in V7:


First, I see no reason for the gradient background and second, nothing is centered and there’s now wasted space vertically that wasn’t there before I added the icon toolbar.