New UI: Fuzzy icons

Icons appear blurred

See New UI: First impressions (Huh?)

1-The icons are only visible in size 32, and the rest is blurry
2-The filter bar is not saved when turned on and off, and its color does not change when turned on, as shown in the picture

Hi -

In the beginning of that video, you seem to move the mouse a few times over the left-hand columns of toolbar buttons. These appear to be visible, and sharp, in other sizes than 32 in that video. What am I not seeing?

I take that to refer to the size of that dialog - that’s on the list as RH-70275 Workspaces: Keep size of containers between sessions

Clicking on the control on the status bar merely makes that dialog appear; it does not impose a filter.
When the dialog appears and you deselect one of the options, the control on the status bar will change its color.

When putting size 28, it is not as sharp as 32


Hello - It seems that blurriness would be consistent with using buttons that have bitmaps and not svg graphics… are you importing a v7 toolbar file?


This is the main toolbar for 8

RH-70275 is fixed in the latest WIP