Toolbar showing the wrong icons


We’re experiencing a very weird behaviour with our internal plugin:
Around 8/10 months ago we did a refresh of the plugin, where we, among other things, changed the icons of the buttons.
For a while everything was fine and all our users were seeing the correct buttons with the correct icons, but in the last couple of weeks some users (not all users) started seeing the old icons instead of the new ones.
I tried replicating many times on my end, to see what could be causing this and how to fix it, but it doesn’t happen to me and I cannot replicate.

So I was wondering, what might be causing this? Where the icons being cached if they are being cached and how they are being referenced by the toolbar? Might this have to do with some naming conflicts?



Did the users where this happens use different size icons maybe? Each size of icons can be different.

Hi @Gijs thanks for your reply!

You might actually be onto something here :smiley: we weren’t aware of that feature.

How does it work though? Why do some people get the new icons (32x32) and some others get the old icons (24x24)?
Also, I just tried with one of the guys that has the old icons to swap to the new one (Button Editor > Edit Bitmap > select 32x32 > click Ok) and it still shows the old icon…


Icon size is dependent on toolbar settings

Did you try setting it there?

@Gijs we’re shipping the same rui to everyone so we expected icons on the users’ side were going to have all the same size.
We did refresh the icons recently so 32x32 are all the new icons and 24 or 12 are the old ones. Why some users are seeing the 32x32 icons and some others are seeing the 24 or 12x12?

I’m guessing if change all sizes of the icons to be the new ones it should fix the problem, but I’d rather understand what’s going on first :wink:

If you make a toolbar with 32 x 32 icons that are new and 24 x 24 that are old and user A has its Rhino configured with smaller icons while user B is using bigger icons, user A gets to see the old and user B gets to see the new. So the only way to fix it is to ship it with correct icons at all sizes.

Thanks that makes sense @Gijs

Out of curiosity, is there a way to configure icons size for everyone, for example at startup or something? Or does the icon size depend on monitors, or something “external” to Rhino?

You could run this script, but I am not sure that is what you should do. If someone has a different sized monitor or scaling, these might look huge.

import Rhino
import System
Rhino.UI.Toolbar.BitmapSize = System.Drawing.Size(32, 32)

Ok so it is based on monitor setting I gather. Thanks for clarifying!

I’ll try to ship the same icon for all sizes and see if it fixes it. I’ll let you know how we go :wink:

Thanks for the help!

Thanks @Gijs that seemed to have worked! Thanks a lot for explaining how this works.