New UI: Container sizing seems odd

Does it make sense that you can resize a toolbar until you can’t even see the icons?





Hi Dan -
As background and as I understand things, the new UI is meant to solve issues with different screen sizes, dpi settings, and icon sizes.

If you create a workspace with small-ish icons and distribute that among your coworkers who might have different hardware and icon size preferences, what would you expect to happen to your workspace layout?

I guess what I would expect is that the sizing of the containers would somehow factor in the contents of the container. So you could drag the borders until it begins to obscure the contents. It works that way already for toolbars. If you undock a toolbar you can’t drag the edge until all of the contents are hidden.

So I think what I’m suggesting is already implemented at some level.



Hi Dan - yep, I see that and I’d agree it needs to be adressed - but I do not know if what Wim mentions is a factor. Anyway I’ll put it on the pile.
RH-69980 Containers: limit the smallness