New Toolbar dialog - something is still a bit broken

The most recent update opens a new dialog when I type Toolbar:

Problem is when I first open it, all the items under the Edit menu are grayed out/inactive - clicking on them does nothing.

So, I can’t create a new toolbar for example.

However, if I just highlight an item in the list, then New Toolbar under the edit menu becomes active…

So a little bit of tweaking is needed there.

There is also the problem when you check a toolbar to show it, the toolbar opens in front of the dialog. I reported this awhile back.

In addition, if you close the just checked toolbar again using the X close box on the toolbar itself, the item remains checked in the dialog and the buttons are still visible in the bottom section.

You need to close and reopen the toolbar dialog in order for it to update.

I think I fixed this 2 days ago while working on a fix for the “Delete” button that you reported. Hopefully the next release candidate will work for you as well.