"Select toolbar" dialog opens when editing a blank button

Just noticed this which appears to be new behavior.

Make a blank button - no macro - and then shift+right click on it to edit it. I get this:

This “Select toolbar” dialog pops up automatically when the editor window opens (no other clicking). That dialog’s purpose is to choose a linked toolbar for the button. This does not happen when editing a button that already has a macro.

If this is being done on purpose with a blank button - because you think that the person will always and immediately want to link a toolbar when editing it - that is an incorrect assumption. If this is a bug, then, well, I’m reporting it. Edit - more below.

I don’t see the Select Toolbar popup.

OK, I have tracked it down to a specific set of circumstances, and it appears indeed to be a bug (an obscure one), not by design. You won’t see it if you have some kind of ordinary toolbar.

To reproduce: Make a new toolbar, and make a blank button in it. Copy the button a bunch of times and arrange the toolbar vertically in a single row. Now when testing move the toolbar and/or the edit window around so that one of the button locations on screen corresponds with the location of the “link” link in the editor. When you try to edit that button, the link is activated causing the popup. I guess this is the “let up” on the mouse button that is activating the link.

The mouse cursor and the editor dialog have to be in exactly the right place when clicking on the toolbar button. The link is active not only when the mouse cursor is directly over the text, but anywhere horizontally aligned with it in the dialog (this is typical for links).