New to VisualArq... interesting

I recently bit the bullet and got a license to VisualArq. I work at a custom cabinet/metal shop so I don’t necessarily need the “plan set” features VA provides but we really needed the vector line outputs. Here are few things I’m trying to work through that maybe the community has some input on:

  • Top down section cuts - so far from what I can tell the VA sections only work for elevations. So to do a top section of a cabinet I have to do a plan view and set a level just a few feet, or inches, off the fin floor. This works but is a bit of a hoop to go through setting up different levels. I also have to place multiple plan sections in the model space as opposed to having a section that can be turned off and on per detail. Is there a way to get a section to cut horizontally to get a top/plan section view using the section tool similarly to Rhino’s clipping plane?
  • Bugs in the Hidden Display - I keep running into instances where lines are dropping off or not rendering when I print to PDF. The detail looks fine in Rhino but the PDF output is missing tanget edges and seams. Sometimes placing a new detail and redoing the setup fixes this but not always. (screenshots below)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @t.stoelting,

This is done with the VisualARQ’s Levels (using the Level Manager), in combination with the Hidden display mode in each one. You can have different Detail views and set different levels in each one. Clipping planes don’t show VA section attributes, but we plan to make it work in the future.

The quality of the pdf generated by VisualARQ also depends on the dpi resolution of your pdf printer. Also, when you exit the Detail Edit, it may take a few seconds to update the preview of what it will be printed. But if you find any bugs, please send us (to the 3dm file so we can reproduce them and try to fix them.