Horizontal Section

(Lucavsnt) #1

Is it possible to create a horizontal section of the 3D model with VisualArq and without using the Rhino native tools?

(Francesc Salla) #2

Have you tried the vaPlanView command? http://www.visualarq.com/learn/video-tutorial/4-3-create-plan-views/

(Lucavsnt) #3

Yes, of course but I would cut the 3D model to make an horizontal 3D section if possible…

(Francesc Salla) #4

Hi @lucavsnt With the Level manager (https://youtu.be/CAyFnDPmS-s) you can show and hide levels or activate cut planes so you will see the 3D model in horizontal section. Is that what you mean?

(Lucavsnt) #5

Yes, greate. I haven’t seen the cutplane function before…