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I am wanting to make a set of parallel bridges and want to analyse the beams and trusses of it. Please see below.
I have made the bridge set in just rhino. Want to develop something similar to the image using karamba. The analyse component shows an error everytime I increase he number of division points. How do I understand an arc like structure with trusses so that I get minimum displacement and maximum utilisation. Thank you! (42.5 KB)

Assuming that something is “super easy” is a bit of an insult to anyone who has put in their ten thousand hours to master a skill. Hardly a day goes by on this forum when someone doesn’t start a post with some variation of “I’m sure this is very simple but I can’t figure it out”. :man_facepalming:

Specifically, what is your question?

I hope my post makes more sense after editing it. I am trying to understand a simple bridge design that I made in rhino(image). I am wanting to use karamba to recreate and make iterations where the displacement is minimum. My attached grasshopper file can be checked if you want. Basically, how do I get iterations that show minimum displacement.

You have forgotten to internalise the geometry. Either reupload with the geometry internalised or supply the .3dm file.

Thanks for your reply. You can just put 0,0,0 for point location and it will work. Thanks!

The error you are getting, if you hover over the red bubble in the corner is the limitation of a free version of karamba. The full version will allow more elements.

If you want to build a bridge with multiple vertical elements and compare their results: (38.9 KB)

The component to optimize the solution is the following:

it will take a list of cross sections and replace your cross sections with the optimal one. More information is found in the karamba tutorials.
The following would be what you are looking for:

Thank you so much for your solution! I will go through the links too that you sent. Thanks again!

I am trying to plugin all the listed cross sections to this component. Do I have to plug in other information like elem?

I would say go and read the Karamba user manual, there is an example for using the cross section optimisation component.

A bridge like this will also need one end support released in the X axis to get anywhere close to reality, like a real bearing.

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Download and play with all the examples they give first.

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