Bottom and top chord flattened (deformed) after using "Assemble Model" in Karamba3D

Hello everyone,

This is my first experience with Karamba3D; I have modeled a Pratt Truss in grasshopper and I’m using Karamba 1.3.2 to do the finite element analysis for a set of round cross-sections. And the objective is to define a set of cross-sections that can be optimized using OptiCrossSecr. However, the problem is that Karamba is (flattening) deforming the top and the bottom chords of the truss (they are concentric arcs, but the preview is shown as straight lines when I use the Assemble Model component). Any help or ideas on how to solve this problem are appreciated.

I am attaching a screenshot, and a link that explains the Pratt Truss:

Hi @behdadyahyavi,
I believe you are converting the top and bottom arc as curves and not lines. Karamba3D interprets any curves as a straight line between the start and end point. Therefore you see that the line is just drawn as as straight line. For Karamba3D to recognise the chords connecting the diagonals, you need to split them at their intersection and convert them to lines.

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Dear @matttam,
Thank you for your help, it solved the problem.