Cable Bridge Analysis with Karamba

Hello everybody,
unfortunately i have a problem with karamba and hope for your help. I would like to hang the middle part of the bridge on a rope, but Karamba only takes the supports at the ends.
Thanks in advance.
Greetings Dave

cable (35.8 KB)

Your cable is not connected on your mesh

The best way is to use “brep mesh” component (karamba 3D) to mesh your surface.
On this component, you can include specifics points on your mesh and be sure to have an effective connection between your cable and your mesh.

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Thank you for the fast answer.

It worked great! Now I am in the process of adapting this system to my design, but I encounter further problems here.
The design consists of a curved rod that is subjected to pressure, of which steel cables hold a concrete plate.
It would be great if someone could look over here and tell me where my problem is.

pedestrian (77.5 KB)
Quick Render

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You must connect your curved beam on your cables.

In Karamba, continuous beams must be divided at each connection.

On your initial curve, you can use the components " multiple curves intersection" and the component “shatter” to define each part of your main beam.


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Thanks a lot!
Sometimes it’s so easy.

Can you tell me why the cross section of the curved beam is the same as the cable? unfortunately the diameter and the thickness cannot be set differently.

Hi, you plugged the Element IDs into the wrong input in the Cross Section component. They should plugged into the Element|Identifier if you want to assign the cross sections to those beams.

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