New stitch behavior

Still tweaking stitch in SubD

new behaviour for stitching verts-

run stitch command-

pick 1st vert, rhino indexes automatically to the 2nd pick prompt- (no enter necessary)

pick 2nd vert-

enter to average verts, (done)
slide to pick any location between 1st and 2nd

pick first or second in the command line-

this behavior need to be added to full edge loops as well.

For partial loops, you will have to pick the 1st loop, then enter to index to the 2nd partial loop then enter to average, slide to pick location, or choose 1st or 2nd from command line.

you can also now select several verts, hit stitch, and they will collapse to a singularity.

you can also prepick verts, edge loops, or partial edge loops, then run stitch and enter to average. (need to add 1st, 2nd prompts to command line)

give it a go and let us know what you think-


a lot better especially making selections after starting this command:

_Stitch _pause _pause _second

edit: even better:

_Stitch _pause _pause _second enter

this stitches to average if preselection has been made or to second selection if no preselection is made.

yep, once the options are exposed in the command lines, you can customize the tool to your needs-

wait, wait, wait… just to make sure, we are allowing to work with more than 2 vertices here, Right?

I think the right thing is talking about first and last, not first and second. Here’s a very common thing of merging to last that happens a lot in subD modeling:

merging 3 vets to last, or merging 9 verts to last:



I should have said “preselect”