Stitch SubD edges command

Hi guys, the Stitch command requires a lot of steps to complete and if you use selchain it seems to me there are some unneeded “Enter” commands and it’s confusing. Here’s the steps I’m seeing for joining two sets of edges.

-Stitch (Select first set of vertices)
-Selchain (select first set of edges)
-Enter (ends Selchain?)
-command line prompts for select first set of vertices again.
-Enter again accepts first set of edges/vertices
-Select second set
-Selchain (select second set of edges)
-Enter (ends Selchain?)
-Enter again accepts second set of edges
-Enter again accept defaults Average location.

It’s a lot of steps and you need to keep track of the times you hit enter. I believe it would be better if after it moves to select second set of edges once you hit enter after the selchain command.

It also seems that by default it creates a creased edge, I would like to have the option to have a smooth connection after joining two edges.

Yeah, I see, and you do not get to window select either since selecting both edges and verts is not allowed. Setting a selection filter to SubObjects and Curves/Edges lets that work but that is also still more stuff to pay attention to. It might be better to be able to specify right in the command, I don’t know.

In any case, part of your over-long sequence (two Enters) is from SelChain though - the second prompt for the first set of edges is simply a continuation of the first one - you got some edges from SelChain but you might want some more. I don’t know what the solution is, there - it seems you’d always need to tell the thing when you’re done selecting.


It seems to me that once you hit enter after SelChain, you are done selecting and the command moves to the next step.

This is how sweep1 works. I just created a rail with 4 sections and used ChainEdges. When I hit enter it ends SelChain and moves on to the next step which is “Select cross section curves”.

This behavior would omit at least two enters and be consistent with other Rhino commands.

@pascal, I was actually able to improve the workflow with the existing tools available in the current WIP.

-Selchain to select first set of tangent continuous edges.
-Selchain to select second set of tangent continuous edges.
-Stitch to start command with preselected edges
-Remove Crease

This only removes four steps, but to me it’s a more intuitive workflow that removes the double enter key strokes. I also added the remove crease because the edge stays selected after joining and will give you a smooth result which is in most cases what I will want.

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